Warmer weather is upon us!  Here are some tips for preparing for the season:


  • Test air conditioning units to be sure they are cooling.  Change your air filters!
  • Clean gutters and downspouts
  • Change smoke alarm batteries
  • Be sure you are cleaning up after your pets, especially if you are living in a multifamily dwelling
  • If you are experiencing ants coming into your home we recommend purchasing the Terro brand ant baits.  They are very helpful!
  • If you are living in a multifamily dwelling please remember that pools are not permitted of any kind.
  • If they are noticed you will be asked to remove the pool.  If you live in a single family dwelling be sure to contact us first for permission for the pool.  This is for liability reasons.
  • Single family dwelling renters are expected to mow and maintain all landscaping and shrubbery.  Please be sure you are doing so.
  • Grills and fire pits are permitted at certain properties.  Grills are to be used 6 feet or further from the house, no closer.  Fire pits are not to be used on decks or near landscaping/trees.  Contact us first for permission of use to be sure this is not a liability issue with insurance companies!
  • As always, you are responsible for all visitors and their behaviors.  Please be considerate of parking as well as of your neighbors!


Happy Spring and Summer!